Website FAQ's

HMECU is Excited to Announce a New Website and Online Banking has arrived!

On October 20th, 2015, HMECU launched a new website and Online Banking platform (formerly CuNet Banking). The new website has additional functionality, and Online Banking is now integrated into the website providing more convenience than before!

Website FAQ's

Why did HMECU get a new website? Expand/Collapse

The existing website was launched in 2010 and over the years, we’ve added additional functionality such as calculators, online loans, interactive forms, and Interac® e-Transfers. With online banking fraud on the rise and multiple updates to technology and security, the decision was made to upgrade the technology behind online banking.

The new website and Online Banking is powered by MemberDirect® which is widely used by most credit unions in Canada. MemberDirect® is committed to ensuring enhanced security, fraud detection and prevention, and that the latest features and functionality are available for members.

The new website has a fresh new look that focuses on your experience rather than simply displaying information. It will provide you with easy-to-use and intuitive functionality that incorporates financial tools to assist you in all your life stages. The new website is much more dynamic with built-in maps and search functionality making navigation easier than ever.

We hope you, our members, will find the new website more efficient and easier to use. On the new site, the online banking is built right into the website making navigating easier than ever. You will now have the best in class security, and gain access to new services such as email/text alerts, and a mobile app which is coming soon.

Did any of the main sections of the site change? Expand/Collapse

There have been small changes to the names - for example Products & Services now encompasses Accounts, Mortgages, Loans & LOC’s, Investments, and Insurance. This will allow our members to navigate through the website quicker and easier. Be sure to use the ”Search Site” feature at the top right corner of the website.

Where do I order cheques on the new website? Expand/Collapse

As an added security measure, to order cheques, you must now be logged into online banking. If you do not have access to online banking, please contact your branch to get assistance ordering cheques.

Will I be able to see upcoming events with HMECU? Expand/Collapse

Yes, please visit the Community Corner “In Your Community” for HMECU’s community calendar and upcoming events. Here you will also be able to see past events HMECU has been involved in. If we’ve missed something, please let us know!

Will the social media feeds be available on our website? Expand/Collapse

Yes, you will be able to access HMECU’s twitter and Facebook accounts by clicking the links at the bottom right corner of the website.

Have any issues, questions, comments, or feedback? Expand/Collapse

HMECU is committed to ensuring your new website is accurate, functional and works as expected.

We will continue to add new features and functionality to your website and online banking ensuring it’s a tool you can count on to stay in touch, get connected, access resources and get information to help you with all your financial needs.

If you have any issues, questions, comments or feedback, we want to hear from you! Please email us at, or call us at 905-575-8888 (toll free 1-866-808-2888).

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