Orientation & Development


New directors are provided with an orientation to familiarize them with the business of the credit union and assist in their understanding of the scope of their responsibilities on the Board.

The orientation enhances individual director’s abilities to contribute effectively to on the HMECU Board.

Orientation confirms the directors’ roles, describes their responsibilities and liabilities, and provides an overview of HMECU as well as more detailed information as required.

Director development and continuous learning

Directors are required to engage in learning activities that will expand their knowledge of:

  • Audit and compliance oversight
  • Corporate governance and ethics
  • Board and CEO performance
  • Credit union operations
  • Leadership
  • Financial literacy
  • Risk management oversight
  • Regulatory environment
  • Strategic planning

HMECU's Chief Operating Officer under the direction of the Board Executive Committee, facilitates periodic learning opportunities for all directors by way of special presentations made by topical experts at Board meetings and planning sessions and well as relevant courses, seminars, programs and conferences that are taken or attended by a director with a view to enhancing that director’s effectiveness as a member of the Board.

Meeting attendance

Board meetings

Healthcare and Municipal Employees' Credit Union by-laws require no fewer than 1 board meeting be held each month. Meetings are generally 2 hours long and are held in the boardroom at HMECU's head office.

Planning sessions

A 2-day planning session is held every other year, usually in May or June for the Board and Executive to discuss and develop long term business strategies.


Committees are usually appointed at the first Board meeting following the Annual General Meeting. Standing committee’s of the Board are the Audit and Risk Committee and the Executive Committee. Each of these committees meets approximately 6 to 7 times annually with each meeting lasting approximately 1 to 2 hours depending on the agenda. Other committee’s are the Nominating Committee, Honoraria Committee and Strategic Planning Committee. Other ad-hoc committee’s are appointed from time to time and as required.