Becoming a Member

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When you become a member of Healthcare and Municipal Employees' Credit Union, you will:

  • Assume ownership in the credit union
  • Join a family of members, staff, and volunteers
  • Have a voice and a voting right at the Annual General Meeting
  • Be provided the best care for your financial needs

When you become a member, you will become a member for life.

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Share Capital

When you open your membership with HMECU, a deposit of $25 is required to buy shares in the credit union on your behalf. To continue being a member, the share capital is the only balance required in your account. You cannot access the funds in the share capital subaccount.

If the Credit Union was to pay dividends, they would be paid into your share capital account. If you were to ever close your membership with HMECU, the balance of your share capital will be redeemed.

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