Service Fees

Annual Central 1 Credit Union Membership Dues

A deduction of $9.00 will be withdrawn annually from the accounts of all members 18 years of age and over to help cover HMECU's membership in Central 1 Credit Union.

It is through these dues that HMECU remains a member of Central 1 Credit Union. They are the voice of all credit unions in BC and Ontario. Their mission is to protect and advance the interest of credit unions in matters of legislation and providing insurance, technology, education, advertising and wealth management services. Healthcare and Municipal Employees' Credit Union is able to be a viable part of the Canada wide cooperative financial network.

These membership dues help finance many of the services of Central 1 Credit Union which HMECU utilizes. This in turn helps us grow as a financial organization and ensures that we remain competitive and are able to provide our members with all of the products and services they require. Thank you for your membership, cooperation and understanding.