Getting Married

Build a Foudation of Shared Goals

Now that you have decided to spend the rest your life together, have a conversation about what you want to do with your money and set your financial goals.

Open a Joint Account

It is important to have trust in each other about finances and a joint account can help with that. Opening a joint account doesn't mean you have to combine all of your money but it can be a great stepping stone to reach your financial goals.

Consolidate Your Debts

Share the details of your debt with your significant other. As a couple, you may be able to pay down debt faster together than separately. Be sure to pay off debt with the highest interest rate first to save money on interest.

Save or Borrow for Your Wedding

Are you planning a grand event or an small, intimate wedding? Once this has been established you can ask yourself, how much do I need to save and how much do I need to borrow? Don't forget about costs of the wedding ceremony, venue, flowers, rings, and honeymoon.