Types of Personal Loans

Debt Consolidation Loan

Let us help you extinguish those high interest bearing loans, lines of credit, and credit cards into one manageable low interest loan payment.

New or Used Vehicle Loan

Car, truck, or motorcycle - 100% financing on any type of vehicle, no money down. Buy your dream car today!

Student Loan

Don't let paying for college or university stress you out. HMECU has student loans to help you make it through these important years of your life.

RRSP or Investment Loan

Whatever your retirement or investment goals are, HMECU has the loan to help you secure your future. Plus we offer free financial planning with certified financial planners, available to assist you in achieving your financial wellbeing.

Home Improvement Loan

Upgrade any room of your house with our home improvement loan. Keep your family safe, warm, and happy!

Interim Bridge Financing

When you've purchased a new home but haven't sold your current home, HMECU will help you carry both residences affordably.

Internationally Trained Worker Loan Program

HMECU is proud to be a part of the initiative to fund Internationally Trained Workers to obtain the necessary training and qualifications to work in their field of expertise in Canada.

There are over 2 million Internationally Trained Workers (ITW's) in Canada – including skilled immigrants and Canadians with international training or education. For many ITW's, a lack of foreign credential recognition is a significant barrier to achieving employment and effective labour market integration. Foreign credential recognition is the process of verifying that the education and job experience obtained in another country is equal to the standards established in Canada.

The Internationally Trained Worker Loan Program provides ITW's (residing in southwestern Ontario) access to the funds necessary to achieve foreign credential recognition and employment outcomes commensurate with their international education, skills and experience. Loans assist ITW's in covering the direct and indirect costs related to foreign credential recognition, including:

  • Qualification assessment
  • Exam and Licensure fees
  • Tuition fees for training and skills upgrading
  • Books and course materials
  • Professional association fees
  • Other costs relating to obtaining accreditation/training as required

For more information on applicant eligibility, cost of borrowing, and how to apply to this program, please visit the Access Centre for Regulated Employment website.