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​The place to be; The place to belong

​At Healthcare and Municipal Employees’ Credit Union, we are proud to have a strong bond of healthcare and municipal employees in our membership. It is our members that push our organization to create better products and services that provide the best care of our members’ financial needs.

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Existing HMECU Member and you want to open an account?

HMECU offers a number of products in which members are able to open via their online banking.

Select Existing Member Open an Account or GIC, sign into online banking, and select Open a New Account.
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Access to over 2,400 ding free® ATM’s across Canada through THE EXCHANGE Network®

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Online, mobile, or telephone banking 24 hours a day, 7 days

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Friendly and expert team to help you make the right financial decisions, plan for the future and achive financial wellbeing


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​Everyday Savings

Get started saving today!  

​Mobile Banking

Complete all your banking needs on your mobile device. 

Digital Accounts

Free electronic transactions for $11.95 a month.