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A Member Card debit card allows you the convenience of making cash withdrawals at ATMs around the world. HMECU is also part of The Exchange Network. This allows you to access your bank account from coast to coast to deposit, withdraw, transfer funds or make a balance inquiry ding free without paying costly ATM service charge. 

Member Card debit cards are avaliable by visiting any one of our branches. In order to use a Member Card debit card, you will need to choose a Personal Identification Number (PIN) that is confidential and not easily guessed; for example, don't use phone number or date of birth.


Member Card Debit Card Limits

There are daily limits applied to a Member Card debit card for cash withdrawals (ATM) and point of sale (POS) purchases. There is also a maximum of 10 transactions per day on a debit card as a fraud prevention measure. To find out your daily limits or to increase your limit for a large purchase, contact your local branch


Lost or Stolen Member Card Debit Cards

Security is a priority for HMECU and its Members. If a Member Card debit card is lost, stolen or compromised, please call your branch during business hours, or outside business hours, email HMECU's Support Line at or call 905-520-1146. You will need to visit one of our branches to have your card re-issued.


Exceeded PIN Tries

If you have exceeded your PIN tries by entering an incorrect PIN 3 times in a row, your debit card will be locked and will not work until your can reactivate your card. To do this, simply visit any ATM and enter to correct PIN number. HMECU staff cannot activate a locked debit card remotely; you must reset your PIN at an ATM or by visiting a branch.